Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Update with LaRae

This weekend was packed with fun filled family and crafty adventures. Friday night Anna Kate and I met my parents in Lineville to make the long journey to Lineville High School’s prom at Fort McClellan’s Buckner Center. It’s a lovely place, but is it really smart to have approximately 160 kids driving so far away from home for a prom? They already drive like maniacs on a regular basis, add excitement and hormones and it’s a recipe for disaster.  (Note: This is just a side rant of my own personal feelings. Nothing that I know of happened to anyone attending the prom.) Jesse looked so handsome and AK was so happy to see him. She got really tired though waiting for the prom to start, so we didn’t get one picture of her smiling after lead out was over.
How handsome is my brother!
Jesse, Anna Kate, and Constance (Jesse's Date)
Pay no attention to my crazy eyes, or the fact that you can see my bra through my shirt.
Saturday morning we woke up EARLY and headed home so that AK and I could get ready for the Spring Fling Ladies Brunch held at my church. It was a beautiful event with a wonderful speaker. (There wasn’t a dry eye in the entire place by the end of her testimony.) Before the speaker even got started though, AK crawled up into my arms, laid her head on my shoulder, and went to sleep. She really enjoyed the event! lol… I also finally got AK to try the dress that I made for her Aunt Katie's wedding. I think she looked pretty cute!

She LOVED twirling in her dress.
When we got home we attacked a couple of sewing projects. AK helped me tremendously. That’s what she likes to think anyway. She went between playing by herself to sitting in my lap watching my embroidery machine embroider her name on a pinafore dress I am making her. She likes to learn what things are that I’m using/doing when it comes to sewing. Maybe she will want to learn and will be a wizard seamstress by the time she is my age.
Saturday night I stayed up after I put AK in the bed to sew the pinafore together. I added the rick rack as a little extra design element. I think it turned out pretty well. Tonight’s agenda (after AK is asleep) will be to top stitch the whole dress and make button holes on it. I am extremely intimidated by button holes. I think I’ll practice quite a few times before I actually attempt on AK’s dress.
The pinafore is reversible, so here is side one.
Side two...
Sunday was kind of a lazy day. We got up early and started getting ready for church. Kyle got home from work and got ready too. AK was pumped to see her Daddy. She really starts to miss him on the second day that he’s at work.  After church we had lunch for the first time in Grammy and Pops’ newly remodeled house. AK likes going to the “big house” to see Grammy and Pops.
Side Announcement:
After two years of talking about it, several million mathematical calculations, and a lot of praying Kyle and I have decided that we are going to build our “big house”. Interest rates are set to increase so we wanted to go ahead and jump on the low interest rates now. We took our house plans that we had had designed a couple of years ago and we, as Kyle put it, made it a little more realistic for our financial means. We took the upstairs completely out. We rearranged a few things on the main floor to make the house more functional for our purposes. We ended up with a four bedroom three bath home (as opposed to the five bedroom three bath that was originally designed) that is perfect for us! Kyle doesn’t feel like he’s going to be sick every time he thinks about building the house now, which is an improvement. I’m just glad that it may really happen this time. AK has no idea what’s going on. So all in all, I think we’re excited and ready to begin. The builder said that he can start in about 6 weeks (I’m think that will really turn into 8). SO…I will be extremely pregnant building a house. YAY!
Therefore, I spent Sunday afternoon doing research on a few different design elements we are thinking about utilizing in the new house. We swung AK for what seemed like hours. It was a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Sleepy Girl

After a busy weekend of moving Grammy and Pops back into their house, AK and I woke up and got back into our normal Monday routine. That routine consists of me taking AK over to Kyle’s parent’s house while they wait for Aunt Katie to pick AK up to head to Nana’s house…whew that was a mouth full. This particular morning AK caught a glimpse of my camera through her squinty eyes and just had to have her picture taken. Here it is, our Monday morning sleepy girl picture.
Don't you love that hair!