Monday, June 27, 2011

The “Little” Party

As you all know, Anna Kate turned two Thursday June 23, 2011. We couldn’t have her “real” birthday party until July 3rd due to weddings and Kyle’s work, so we planned a “Little Party” for the birthday girl. I think that Anna Kate might have had the most fun filled day a child could ask for. The day started out with Dranmama picking the little chick up and going to Lineville. They grabbed Dranda and headed to the Montgomery Zoo. Although I don’t have a single picture from this trip, because my mother isn’t known for her life documentation skills, I heard about the it and AK had a blast. She told me that she saw a War Eagle and a Roll Tide Elephant. We’re still working on this. She’s a very confused little girl.
After the zoo they drove back to Lineville to pick up Uncle Buddy and made their way to LaFayette for the Little Party. I had a dr. appointment that day so I got home a little early. We prepared a feast fit for a king; spaghetti, bread, cupcakes, and ice cream. Aren’t you all so jealous that you weren’t in attendance? Upon arrival, Anna Kate noticed her present from Momma and Daddy: a brand new swing set! She was so excited. She played and played until it was time to come inside for food, presents, and the happy birthday song. (Happy Birthday is one of her favorite songs, go figure…)
AK opened presents from everyone, which included SEVERAL dress up outfits. We successfully had 3 wardrobe changes just because she couldn’t wait to try some of them on. Two of her favorite outfits were a ballerina dress, including little slippers that laced up her leg, and a new swim suit from Aunt Katie and Uncle D.D.J.
She was such a big girl when it came to blowing out her candles this year. She stood in the chair at the table, didn’t reach for the lit candle, and at the end of the happy birthday song she blew out her candles in her cupcake! I was such a proud momma. She then proceeded to eat her weight in ice cream and M&M’s.
This was her "Mom, would you quit taking my picture" face.
By the end of the day, she was all tuckered out and just wanted her daddy. She probably sensed how hard he had worked assembling her swing set. Kyle was just as exhausted as she was. Then the fun was over and Momma was left to put everyone to bed. I am so thankful for the blessings that my family bring me every day, but even more so on special days like this. 
 They were both exhausted!
 Night, night birthday girl!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday Girl

Today, my friends, is my beautiful Anna Kate’s 2nd birthday. I am amazed at how quickly this past year (not to mention the year before) has flown by. Over the past year Anna Kate has walked, talked, had a hair growth spurt, gotten taller, and potty trained. Sounds like a pretty full year to me.
Here’s sweet girl just after waking up on her birthday morning:
I think they look very similar when they wake up!

Anna Kate,

I am so proud of the independent strong little girl that you are becoming. The independence is quickly becoming stubbornness, but you certainly get that honestly.  You are such a sweet girl. The care that you show for others sometimes blows me away. It is amazing the things that you understand and learn on a daily basis. I pray that you continue to become the kind caring person that I am trying to raise you to be. I pray that as your parents we set a Godly example for you and that you would desire to know more about and serve the Lord. I also pray that you would continue to be a smart, funny, adventurous girl. I am so thankful that the Lord entrusted me with the blessing of being your mom. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, with many, many more ahead of you.
I love you more than words,

Father's Day Weekend

We had a very eventful and BUSY Father’s Day weekend. Friday I took off a little early from work and headed to Lineville. I had to run by a wedding rehearsal that I was singing at on that Saturday to get my music turned in and my sound checked. Then AK and I headed to Aunt “Wee Wee’s” house for a surprise baby shower thrown by our sweet group of friends. It’s funny how we all used to be worried about getting a group shot of ourselves, now we’re attempting group shots of our babies.  Side note: I’m so thankful that we are all having babies and they will be friends just like us. I don’t think that the distance is going to make a big difference. AK loves all of the sweet girls in attendance!

Saturday we journeyed to Auburn for Father’s Day lunch honoring my dad, Stanley. It was good to see my dad and all of my nieces and nephews. AK had a great time playing with all of them. We sure did miss our baby sister though! We love you Casey.
AK and Lydia
AK was messing with Curt
All of the babies together
Dad opening his gifts
That evening Kyle, AK and I went to Lineville for the wedding and Father’s Day supper for my other daddy, Monty. AK spent the afternoon being chased, chasing, and playing with Dranda, Dranmama, and Uncle Buddy. I love spending time with my family.
Even Dranda had to play dolls with AK. That's true love...
AK practicing how to change a diaper
Kyle had to work on Sunday, so we didn’t get to spend much time with him Father’s Day morning. Plus, AK wouldn’t wake up. We went to Sunday School and Church followed by a Father’s Day lunch for Pops and Daddy Gaines (Kyle’s dad and granddaddy). AK provided the dinner entertainment by dancing around the dining room while everyone finished their food/dessert.
 Then we headed to the Lanett Fire Department to take Kyle his Father’s Day gift and spend a little time with him. AK just had to help her daddy open his present because he couldn’t handle it on his own! In true Fire Department/EMS fashion, Kyle got a call and our visit was cut short! Anna Kate thought that it was neat watching her daddy leave on the ambulance though.
Bye Bye Daddy! Happy Father's Day!
Later in the afternoon we moped around missing Kyle on his special day. Just kidding! We went swimming, blew bubbles, watered flowers, and ate watermelon.  I was just about dead by the end of this weekend! It was fun though!
Sporting a little ponytail and blowing bubbles!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Ears...Little Mouths

On our beach trip (there will be a post soon, I just keep forgetting to bring my camera to put up the pictures!) Elena kept commenting on how well Anna Kate was talking. Since she has started talking, it hasn't stopped. Sometimes it's just slightly annoying, but I am just thankful that I have a happy healthy baby who wants to jaw my ears off 24-7.

Not only is Anna Kate's speech and vocabulary developing beautifully, but her hearing and memory are quickly becoming a problem...err I mean just as beautifully developed. This has been demonstrated by Anna Kate seeing/hearing things that her little sponge of a brain soaks right up to be thrown out at the most inopportune times. Last week, AK was visiting in our neighborhood with her Grammy. They walked up to the front door of one of our neighbors houses, who shall remain nameless, and she spied with her little eyes the naked "tail" (her word, not mine) of this particular resident. Now when Anna Kate sees this person, including this past her Aunt Katie's Wedding the church, she yells out "hinnneyyyyy!" She also notes the fact that this person now has clothes on.

Last night, AK and I went over to Grammy and Pops' house to hang out and have dinner while Kyle was gone to the Mason's Lodge meeting. While Grammy and I were feeding AK (for the second time), Pops comes into the kitchen and says, "Now Tammy, are you cooling that off enough for her?" Mrs. Tammy fires back with "Good gracious Nicky!"; followed by some snappy comment. Anna Kate then yells, "Dood Dracious Nicky!" I did all I could do to keep from laughing...I held out as long as I could. It was SO HILARIOUS!

While I'm extremely proud of my sweet girl for her level of intelligence and developmental strides, I fear that this may cause me and Kyle quite a bit of pain in the near future!