Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Girls

It's been an interesting few weeks with the girls! On Emmalee's side there has been an enormous amount of eating, sleeping, and pooping. (That's what Anna Kate says Emmalee does all the time anyway) On Anna Kate's side there has been playing, bossing, and mothering of her new baby sister. When it comes to me, just exhaustion. I have enjoyed every single tired second with my girls though.

Anna Kate has taken on the roll of big sister head on. It was made perfectly clear in the hospital that Emmalee was HER baby and anyone who wanted to see her/ hold her had to go through Big Sis. This is actually better than I thought it was going to turn out. I thought that AK would be extremely jealous of her baby sister and wouldn't want to have anything to do with her. It has turned out to be the exact opposite. She wants to help with EVERYTHING! This includes when Emmalee is crying, AK tries to bring her to me (i.e. she picks her up and calls for me to come and get her). I think that Emmalee is going to have to be a tough cookie to make it out of babyhood alive at our house!

AK does love her baby sister and her baby sister already loves her. AK is one of the only people that Emmalee consistently follows with her eyes around the room. I guess she's already looking up to her Big Sis.