Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Well Documented Life

I realized today that from the time Emmalee was born until now (approximately 12 weeks) I have taken over 1,000 pictures! A THOUSAND PICTURES! Granted, Anna Kate probably took a quarter of those, mostly of her own face.  I think that the amount of pictures taken since my second child was born is a direct reflection of the rebel within me. Oh, you didn’t know? I have a rule breaker just trying to escape! You know the rule, the one about second children? Everyone always says that the second child gets the shaft compared to the first child. They say that the second child doesn’t get paid attention to and that you never take pictures of them. Well I refuse!
I may not take a picture of them every day, but I have tried to document both of their lives. Anna Kate takes it upon herself frequently to capture her own life, as well as her sister’s life. What has all of this effort resulted in? 1,000 pictures in less than 3 months. I hope that one day my babies will know how much they mean to me. Maybe if my actions don’t speak loudly enough the humongous amount digital images I captured will be proof!

Below are several pictures showing what we have been up to for the last few weeks:

 Blowing Bubbles
 Helping Mommy Bake
Supervising the construction of the pony fence
The other supervisor
Pops and Grammy cut down an enormous tree by their house
Beach trip with Dranmama and Drandaddy

Burying the babe, a family tradition

Before the ride went up and down...
After the ride went up and down
LOVE ice cream!

This is the life!

Sweet Sisters

Visit Dranmama at work day, heading up to the slide
Playing with baby sis

Dranmama and baby sis at SU Baseball game
AK and Uncle Buddy at Old Timer's game at SU
Jump Drandaddy Jump!

2 things to point out about this picture:
#1This is the way that she dresses when she stays home with here Daddy
#2 This is how exhausted she is when she stays home with her Daddy
Pushing baby sis at Daddy's PeeWee Football Game
Look at that hair and sweet face!