Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did You Guess the Surprise?

It finally happened. We actually went to sign papers to build a house!!! I know what you’re thinking, “FINALLY”! That’s what I’m thinking too! I am completely pumped about this new adventure!
We signed the papers on December 30, 2011. The fellas started work bright and early on the following Monday grading off the place. It’s kind of been an unbelievable experience so far. I’m still a little dazed and unaware that it’s actually happening. I say that I’m unaware, until I arrive home every afternoon to see the progress.
Over the past 3 ½ weeks (minus a couple of days due to weather) we have gone from a graded lot to actually having walls up! Walls, let me say it again…walls!
Here’s a little photo timeline of the progress.
Grading complete!

The prettiest holes I've ever seen...
Footings poured
Block started
Block completed
Brick completed
Subfloor down
AK HAD to dance on her new "stage"

and cheer...
and just be so darn cute...
Subfloor closer
This will be where my chimney will be. I can't wait!

First wall up! I almost cried when I saw it when I got home from work.
My front porch, so far my favorite part of my house!
They had 3 exterior walls up when I got home yesterday. AND they had my the master bedroom and bathroom framed out.

On another note, I find the whole process pretty ridiculous. Like Brandi, we had trouble with our appraisal. Also, they don’t give you money to start the process. You have to have a certain percentage of the project completed before they shell out any funds. It’s got to be a well-choreographed dance for bills to be paid. I think Kyle may actually get a few gray hairs from this process. Our tentative completion of the house is around the middle/end of April. Let’s all pray for good weather!
My front porch view. Can't wait to sit on my porch and just relax... (it that will ever happen!)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Oh hello blogosphere! No, no, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth; contrary to popular belief. I’ve just been keeping busy with a little chick and her little sis.
Here’s a glimpse of what you have been missing around the Jackson house…
For Halloween a precious little butterfly dropped by accompanied by a cute pumpkin picked ripe from the patch. We had the best time trick or treating this year going not one, not two, but three times. Anna Kate had fun, but I think that here Daddy (a.k.a. the Candy thief) was even more thrilled.

The girls' Trick-o-Treat how my skills have improved.

In between Halloween and Thanksgiving, Anna Kate “and Emmalee” were surprised with two ponies. Yeah, that’s right, two ponies! (My girls are so spoiled blessed by all of their grandparents) Anna Kate was pretty timid at first, but she’s coming around.
As you can see, Emmalee was fearless!

During November Kyle became a championship winning coach. You heard me right. Kyle, Jacob Lovelace, and Matthew Brown coached a Pee Wee football team from Wadley  year. Well, I guess last year. Not one of them had a child on the team. The team just needed a coach, Kyle missed coaching, and someone asked. Why is it that I am the only person that he can say no to? After much hard work, determination, good coaching, and a sprinkle of luck, the boys brought the trophy home. Anna Kate was so proud of her daddy!

Next came Thanksgiving. We had an amazing time with our families. Aunt Casey even made the trip from NYC. Anna Kate was thrilled and would not let her out of her sight.
December came quickly! It was hard to believe that Em was already four months old. She rolled over at the beginning of December. We were so proud. AK was gearing up for Santa Cwause. She only asked for one thing, a “Dora Dora Kitchen.” She got two! She got one from Santa Cwause and one from her Nana and Daddy Gaines. She also got a rockin’ playhouse where she cooks and sells her food to the family daily. I think that we have a little chef on our hands.

Sweet girls at the Christmas Tree Farm.
Kyle said that the girls' Christmas looked skimpy this year. That might be true, but a large chunk of it was sitting in the garage waiting to be seen...
ERJ's Santa
AKJ's Santa
Em was "so excited" about Christmas!
AK really got into the present thing this year!
Even Em got in on the action.
"Momma and Daddy have one more suprise for you and baby sister..."
First words after seeing it: "What you want to eat Daddy?" The food service began immediately!
All this Christmas stuff tuckered out this little monkey!
AK said that she would share her doll with baby sister. I hope it stays this sweet between them!

She also liked baby sisters toys just a little more than her own.
Ready for Church on Christmas day.

The end of December brought my birthday and a wonderful surprise that I will tell y’all more about tomorrow. For now, I’ll leave you with a picture of  my sweet babies.
AK roared at the camera. I think it might have scared her sister, but I'm not sure.
Suprise preview!